Safety Tips

It’s very important that you use common knowledge when interacting with people online.

  • • Please don’t share or disclose your password with any third party – even if they are your friend. If you lose your password or give it out, your personal data may be compromised. If your profile was hacked, please report it to our team via our chat with us area.
  • • Please do not ever give out your personal or financial information. This includes not disclosing email and physical addresses, instant messenger details, URLs, Bank card details or even your full name on your profile.
  • • Be especially aware of people claiming to be a representative of our company or other companies and who is asking you to pay or delivery of a prize or service that is not offered directly on the Afrimatrimony website. Please also be extremely cautious about people claiming to be in trouble and needing financial assistance – these are almost always hoaxes.
  • • Please don’t use a controversial or provocative username – this could attract the wrong kind of attention. We recommend using your first name only.
  • • If you come across any inappropriate behaviour, click on the chat with us and this immediately alerts our team. There is also a block member function if you ever feel uncomfortable with other members or exchanges. Don’t put up with abuse or harassment – report them to our support team. We aim to deal with these matters as quickly as possible and a detailed management system is in place to monitor and quality control this aspect.