Safety and Security

Afrimatrimony is committed to your safety and security on the internet and go to great lengths to make sure you get the best possible experience here. Every single profile is screened for irrelevant and inappropriate content & your matches are tailored to your preferences. While we do all this, we want you to play your part. Take a few minutes to read the following to keep your match-making experience enjoyable and safe, Afrimatrimatrimony is committed to safety online and we have come with this guide to protect you and your Heart.

Getting to know someone
  • Initial Conversation
  • Video Call or First meeting

Less than awesome experience
  • Let Afrimatrimony know

Initial Conversation
  • Always get to know the other Afrimatrimony member.
When you are breaking the ice:
  • Please always Use’s secure messaging tools (chat/email or SMS) that protect your identity.
  • Hold on to your personal details such as bank particulars, home address, place of work or any other identifiable information When making phone calls or Video calls:
  • Check phone numbers with strange area codes before you make a call
  • Also, use public telephones or withheld telephone numbers unless you have established a reasonable level of trust
General Knowledge:  
  • Please learn more about the member using various social networking sites
  • If you still want to know more, feel free to use third party background verification services You are your own boss:
  • Don't let any member pressurize you into anything. ‘Block’/ ‘Report Misuse’ from the member’s page or simply inform us
First Meeting

Congratulations on your first Meeting! Please use steps below:

  1. Pick a public place
  2. Take your own ride or Taxi
  3. Grab a friend or relative along and ask the other member to do the same. In case you are meeting alone, inform a friend
  4. or family member of your plans

Please contact us using the contact section to report any of your experiences below:

  1. Harassing or offensive messages
  2. The sharing obscene photos
  3. Any being abusive behavior
  4. misleading information
  5. Someone asking for money
  6. Someone having multiple profiles

Report any issue of misuse using our Contact Us section

Signs of a Fraudulent User

No genuine person would ask you for money, so don’t give money to any member. Even if the person claims to be in an emergency, report it to us immediately.

You might be dealing with a Fraudulent User if that person:

  • Quickly asks you to take your chat outside
  • Asks you for money
  • Vanishes mysteriously from the site, then reappears under a different name
  • Asks for your address under the guise of sending flowers or gifts
  • Sends you gifts which can be claimed only post a payment
  • Becomes serious about you very quickly
  • Provides inconsistent descriptions about himself or herself
  • Avoids introducing you to his/her family and friends
  • If you observe anything suspicious Contact us using our Contact Us section